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LOREO PC Lens in a Cap

LOREO PC Lens in a Cap

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LOREO PC Lens in a Cap

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Canon EOS with
PC Lens in a Cap

LOREO PC Lens in a Cap - sample photograph

sample photograph

The LOREO Perspective Control (PC) Lens in a Cap is a new accessory for SLR and digital-SLR cameras. This lightweight body cap can do the work of an expensive PC (perspective control) lens, the dream of many photographers.

To take geometrically correct photos of architectural views, a camera must be pointed straight at the subject. Displacement on any side will cause distortion in the final image. It is seldom possible to position a camera 15 storeys high to photograph a 30 storey building. The Loreo PC Lens in a Cap allows the photographer to point the camera straight and level. By shifting the lens, different sections of the scene can be captured, retaining geometrically correct, visually pleasing images.

For the technically minded the shift cap is fitted with a 3-element 35 mm lens, two apertures of f11 and f22, and the shift is 3.5 mm in any direction from the center line. It is a self-contained unit that mounts directly onto the camera body and does not need any supporting lens. This means that it does not work with SLRs which do not have detachable lenses, such as the Olympus E series digital cameras. It ships in 8 common mount types – Canon EOS, FD, Nikon, Olympus (discontinued), Pentax K, Minolta MD and AF, M42.

The sample photographs below show how an everyday SLR camera mounted with a PC cap can take excellent, undistorted pictures of tall buildings. For best results use manual light metering. The lens shift can fool the camera's automatic metering system.

Note: The PC Lens in a Cap works best with full frame SLR cameras. It will work on digital SLRs too, but the focal length multiplier of subframe image sensors will significantly reduce the effectiveness of the shift frame. Also, the PC Lens in a Cap does not have a bult-in slot for the Lubot. For taking ultra-macro photographs please order a regular Lens in a Cap and a Lubot.

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